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Da Groove is a weekly show produced by BHarris Music, featuring different DJ’s every week.

Da Groove highlights the talent in Jazz, Soul and Funk within the acclaimed Promardi International Music Member Network.


Da Groove BIO

After taking off 5 years from producing radio networks (111 East Jazz, 111 East Neo, 111 East Digital, 111 East Praise), Baron Harris (BHarrisMusic) will be returning to radio with a new radio show called "Da Groove"!  The program will feature 2 hours of Jazz, Soul and Funk music from some of the hottest artists featured in the Promardi Music Network (www.promardi.com).  The show will feature a team of international DJs & radio personalities presenting great music and commentary.  Da Groove will begin on Friday November 4, 2016 at 12pm (PST) and will continue to air every Friday on WSJR-DB Radio with access to over 664,000 monthly listeners in over 100 countries.


DJ Team

Pepper Thomas -The Hot Pepper show

ImaniSpeaks - The Imani Speaks show

Gordon West - The Gordon West show

LatinJazzy - Up Close & Personal with Latinjazzy

Stevie Soul - Love 101


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